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    Cerebral Palsy is:

    • Acquired at, or near, birth and is the result of damage to parts of the brain which control things like movement or speech.

    Cerebral Palsy is not:

    • A disease or illness, and one cannot 'catch' it.

    On a personal level, it doesn't matter to me that I have never known what it feels like to walk, or to have so-called 'normal' dexterity and speech. For most of the time, I don't mind my dexterity and speech not being standard.


    However many people still judge me by the fact that I can't walk, or that I have haphazard dexterity or slightly non-standard speech, and sometimes they don't acknowledge that I do have a fully functioning intellect and emotional needs.


    Visit Scope's Websitegoes to an external link for a lot more information about cerebral palsy.


    Listen to me reading this page.

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    Depending on your computer's set-up you may get a dialogue box asking if you want to open a small file called "haa_recording.wav" or if you want to save it on your computer. I'll leave it to you to decide what to do!