Basic Autobiography

  • Early Years
  • Teen Years
  • At University
  • Early Adulthood
  • Middle Years
  • Online C V
  • My Scribbling
  • Settled Years
  • Motability 2012
  • Self Image

    Thoughts on ..




    I have called this bit of my online autobiography "Settled Years" because I feel settled in life!


    I have finally got my book, Unseen Childhoods published in March 2009 after a long process of writing and editing. More information about the finished book can be found at Bettany Press' website as well as my micro-site TopsyWeb which charts the progess of the thinking behind the project. The links will each open a new window.


    I am a cat-owned human now, the cat in question being a black cat I got at a Cats Protection Refuge/Shelter in February 2008. She's called Bubbles, but is more commonly called Bubz with her own Facebook page!


    Bubz sitting looking at some glasses  on the bed of my scanner Bubz curled up on my desk in front of my monitor Bubz sitting on the top of my settee


    Now I have finished Unseen Childhoods I am concentrating on a fiction story for Young (and not-so-Young) Adults.


    It is called The Last Robot and is what I call a future-fantasy with a few twists! At the moment I'm just writing the story, and only when the story is finished will I go back to edit it.