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Self Image

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Responses to disability:

  • Rants
  • My weird and wacky humour
  • Snow




  •  photo taken over my shoulder looking out onto a snowy back garden

    In my mind's eye I honestly do not know whether I am disabled or not. I do have a mental image of a far more graceful body however, and I am usually slightly taken aback when I see myself on film.


    In my mind's eye (and my mind's "voice") my speech is almost always at its best, and I honestly cannot hear the minor fluctuations that plague me most days. It is only when my speech drops below a certain quality that I can actually pick it up.


    When I was having speech therapy at school, the only time I really heard my speech as I was speaking was when I had headphones on which were picking up my voice from a microphone hung round my neck.


    In the few dreams I remember it is 50-50 whether I am on wheels or not. Normally the dreams I remember have involved the sensation of me dreaming that I was dreaming and it is those dreams-within-dreams that are most vivid.


    I am so accustomed to an eye-level of round about 4 feet (1.2 metres) that I can tell if a photo was actually taken by me or not. On the next page there are four photos (unaltered in any way) and only one was taken from conventional eye-level; see if you can identify it!