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Basic Autobiography

Self Image

  • Measuring Up
  • "Bravery"
  • Wheeled Travels
  • Doughnut Eating!
  • A warped sense of humour!
  • Scribbling and computers
  • Independance
  • Thoughts on ..




    This page really does belong under Self Image as it has to do with my self image in a rather literal way!


    Everyone has some "party-trick" they like showing off - mine is eating a jam doughnut without getting jam everywhere.


     An animated graphic showing me illustrating how I can eat jam doughnuts without any mess!


    As the animated graphic above shows, it is possible. No tricks have been played with the six photos which have been combined to make the animation, I promise you. People who have not seen me do it find it extraordinarily difficult to believe that I, with my erratic dexterity, can eat an ordinary jam doughnut without getting jam all over my hands and face.


    The art of it is to:
    A) identify the hole made when the jam was inserted 1
    B) take one or two careful bites to start with 2
    C) then eat the rest of the doughnut, making sure you eat across the jammy space to start with3



    1 The hole is often hard to locate. Normally it should be around the ring edge, but just to confuse things, there are doughnuts where the jam has ended up going in from one of the flat 'top' or 'bottom' surfaces. The other difficulty is that the crystallised sugar often hides the hole.

    2 It is not possible to gauge from the outside of the doughnut what shape the jam pocket is, or where it actually is in relation to the entry hole. If too big a bite is taken it is quite possible for you to bite deep into the jam pocket, with the result that the jam escapes everywhere!

    3 If you don't watch where the jam pocket is you are likely to end up with jam over your hands and elsewhere.


    A 'home movie' animation of me eating a doughnut =can be downoaded here. This uses the same photos as the graphic but is a much larger file which will open whatever software you use to watch films/movies or listen to music.


    The photos

     first photo in the sequence  second photo in the sequence
     third photo in the sequence  fourth photo in the sequence
     fifth photo in the sequence  sixth, and last, photo in the sequence