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Basic Autobiography

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  • A warped sense of humour!
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     I thought I'd share the following clipping from an online catalogue from a well-known company which provides anything from splints of various types to aids for daily living. I've deliberately made the screen-capture anonymous to avoid any legal-ish problems.


    screen capture from an online catalogue


    If one reads the grid so one reads down the third column and reads it literally (without the knowledge of what is meant by the terms) one gets what is, to me, a slightly wacky list.

      cervical & upper limb arrow

      spinal support arrow

      splinting arrow

      wheelchair accessories arrow

      household & kitchen arrow

      pressure relief & positioning arrow

      moving & handling arrow

      spare parts.

    Reading along the bottom row provided my warped sense of humour with an equally, if a lot shorter, wacky list:

      orthopaedic arrow

      assessment eval & reference arrow

      spare parts.

    I know that my warped sense of humour is an 'acquired taste' to some people, but the inference that we disabled people need spare parts to function in society really tickled my fancy when I first read it. I visulalised me needing to buy a new pair of hands or having to save up for a new speech-centre for my brain. Very Orwellian!!!!