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    My family returned to UK in 1963 and I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time in terms of my education and was able to access a good education despite my mobility problems.


    Looking back, I am not conscious of being different in any way to my sister or other children until about 8 or 9. True, my younger sister and I 'played at' Heidi (as well as cowboys-and-indians) - until our mother caught us re-enacting the part where Heidi helps Clara to stand up! As I was bigger than my sister at that point, and she was holding me up, it is very understandable that our mother was definitely not amused by our antics.

     a cowboy and indian at play


    I do remember 'learning' how to do things, but I think I probably perceived it as what everyone had to do. Things were probably helped by the fact that my sister is nearly 4 years younger than me, but I am not aware of our parents reacting differently to me at that stage.


    Yes, of course I knew I went to a different school to my sister, but given our age difference it probably didn't occur to me to examine that fact to find out why since I have always tended to be literal in my responses to events/people's opinions. Other members of my family as well as friends have unfortunately exploited the fact that I tend to take things literally when they want to 'wind me up' as I am so easy to get a rise out of!


    In fact, although I must have questioned why I was not able to do things my sister was doing, I really cannot remember it being a big issue for me. The only occasion I actually remember saying "Why me?" happened in my teens.


    The only difference that I can remember is in my paternal grandmother's responses to me. I remember getting quite upset when Gran virtually ignored me in favour of my sister and it was only after a lot of talking to my mother that I gradually understood that Gran was reacting in that way because of her upbringing. It didn't take the hurt away very much, but at least I understood why.