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    Thoughts on ..




    After I left residential care in Milton Keynes and its ever-constricting service delivery I started to live unfettered by the clock. It was so liberating, and now, nearly five years on, I still relish the feeling of autonomy.


    Of course I have to work the within limits created by my choice to source my personal support workers through an agency but to a great extent I am the person who says where those limits are.


    I am in control of my life in a way I never was before.


    If I get up and feel like going to the seaside I can.


    If I want to go and mooch round a shopping centre I can.


    I don’t have to plan what I am going to do months in advance.


    My life-style is my own to live as I choose to.


    I can enjoy the benefits of living in a Shared Ownership home rather than being just a tenant of a housing association - a thing I never ever dreamed of while I was growing up.


    In May 2007 I went on a holiday to the Austrian Tyrol, another thing I had only fantasised about doing due to the logistics involved. I made a small slide showexternal ling to slide show (opens in a new window) which shows the week-long holiday in photos, though it is not as accessible as this site.